About KSF Global


Retail design company providing the best of international retail design & manufacturing

Since its inception in 2006, KSF Global have built up a trusted reputation and a strong track record as a ‘one-stop-shop’ retail design company by providing adaptable and reliable solutions for our customers in the ever-changing retail environment.

For many we have become their “Key Success Factor”, the “KSF” in our name, by ensuring a powerful synergy from concept to completion. For retail professionals everywhere KSF Global are delivering the successful implementation of display projects and showing our clients improvement in terms of quality, time, cost, communication and sustainability.

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How we operate

Have you found that commercially and operationally, it is increasingly impossible for a single retail design company to be complete masters of the many different services required from their in-house facilities alone?

We understand this and have over the years been constantly seeking, selecting, fine-tuning and managing cooperative integration between like-minded, high standard partners each bringing their particular core strengths so that together KSF Global operates a seamless and integrated eco-system that provides our customers with turn-key retail design solutions.


What sets KSF apart


Inspirational Retail Design

We have an experienced retail design agency team that have worked in all industries on many challenging retail design solutions for our clients. Our British design team pride themselves on creating unique and inspirational designs for our customers that fit the brief and complement the brand.

Go Global with Less Risk

Our ‘East meets West’ philosophy, with our HQ in the UK, second office in China and volume production in Eastern Europe means that you can take advantage of the innovation and cost savings of a worldwide partner without the risk of working with unknown suppliers in unfamiliar countries.


Total Project Cost Savings

Challenge us to achieve a cost saving on your project. With our extensive experience, we are quite unique as a retail design company as we can guide you to make the right decisions, from initial design and material choices, through to logistics and installation.

Delivery You Can Count On

We pride ourselves on reliable and efficient delivery of retail solutions for our customers. Not only do we have a solid project management process in place to ensure a timely project, but we also have the capability to provide warehousing and fitting services.



Meet CEO Benjamin Wang


Upon graduating with a UK Master’s Degree in Business Administration & together with my strong entrepreneurial heart, I embarked on my successful career in the retail display & shopfitting industry, namely creating KSF Global in 2006.

I find that the industry is extremely rewarding, particularly when we deliver a creative project from start to finish and we assist customers to increase their brand awareness and sales revenue. On the other hand, it can be physically exhausting, since we place high importance on exceeding customers’ expectations and the demands of being a one-stop solution for our clients.

My vision for KSF Global is to provide “affordable creativity, pro-active service, and consistent accountability” to Brands, Retailers, and Trading partners through our professional know-how, operational efficiency, and global supply chain.

I am especially proud of our happy customers and the strong team we have built over the past 16 years. We have maintained KSF Global’s good reputation in the industry among our worldwide customers. The team has consistently delivered a wealth of knowledge, a robust process, and most importantly, consistent customer care to continuously deliver projects on budget and on time.

The proof is in the pudding. Please speak to me or my team members to experience a new approach with your next retail display project.

Globally Created, Locally Delivered