Gondola End Displays

Gondola end displays are used to showcase products in shops at the end of an aisle.

There are many reasons why you might choose to use gondola end displays in your retail space:

  • They are highly versatile and suitable for use in a wide range of settings.
  • They can display many different types of products.
  • They can be customised with bespoke graphics and signage to make them eye-catching and attractive to customers, or update the look of displays as seasons change.

Gondola end displays are the ultimate retail solution for flexible shelving. It’s important to consider where your retail gondola ends will have the most impact before placing them. Gondola ends can serve as both regular retail shelving or as feature shelving for special product lines.

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Gondola End Displays

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Our in-house designers will create the vision for your brand.

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Take advantage of manufacturing cost savings with our worldwide manufacturing capabilities.

Wide Range of Materials

Find the right material for your POP displays, from premium to eco-friendly, we have options for every type of project.

Case Study

Improved in-store shopping experience

See how we helped Games Workshop to improve their store layout for a better shopping experience:

  • Bespoke retail fixtures including gaming tables and POS dispensers for magazines.
  • Drastic cost savings thanks to more streamlined display units.
  • The full store layout audit process.
Games workshop gaming tables circular for case study
Gondola End Displays

Case study

An Eco-friendly POP display

  • A sustainable, versatile display with a sleek design.
  • Full roll-out to distribution centres worldwide.
  • Production cost savings to maximise budgets

Bespoke Gondola End Displays

At KSF Global, we help our customers to design unique gondola end displays and shop gondolas for all kinds of retail settings. We can work with you to create gondola ends that are perfect for your retail space, both in terms of aesthetics and scale.

Our expert team will help you to put together a design brief that covers all the most important aspects of your shop gondolas, including:

  • Where will your gondola display sit?
  • Which products will be displayed and what size are they?
  • Does your gondola need additional graphics?
  • What is your total project budget?

Work with us to design your perfect gondola end display and our experienced craftsmen will bring it to life.

Most gondola ends have shelves, which can be used to showcase offers or popular products, though they can also be fitted with hooks and other accessories for the display of different kinds of products.

Every gondola display we build is unique and tailored to our customers’ requirements. When crafting gondola displays, we keep every detail of your shop in mind to ensure that they are made to be the perfect fit for your space.

If you’d like to know more about our gondola ends, please contact us today at KSF Global. With years of experience creating gondola displays and other shop fittings for customers around the world, we know how to build gondola end displays that are attractive, unique, and built to last.

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