Endless Aisle Solution

Endless Aisle Solution

An endless aisle solution can act as an extension of your store, allowing shoppers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Endless aisle screens are used to browse your store directory and place an order online if they so wish.

The benefits of endless aisle solutions include:

  • Ease of shopping, meaning customers can access any and all products from one quick and easy location.
  • The ability for customers to see an entire store’s stock without having to check aisles and potentially miss what they’ve come into the store to look for. They can also order items that currently aren’t in stock, making the process more efficient for all parties.
  • Being able to access an in-person store whilst still having all the ease and flexibility of a remote store. You can offer a personal touch alongside a simpler experience.

Find out more about Elo Edge Connect™️ as an endless aisle solution:

The presence of an endless aisle works as an in-store kiosk that is able to allow customers to browse and order products that are not available in the store. It is a relatively new concept overall. It works by allowing customers to make orders online and collect them from the physical stores.

Even from the presence of the internet and buying products online, there are still a good number of consumers prefer to go to a brick and mortar store.

There are customers today who still wish to be able to purchase products by touching, feeling and getting the support of a store associate. Endless aisle makes shopping more convenient for the customers as they can shop literally in their own time.

Omnishoppers expect a seamless experiences from the web, to mobile and in store. Give them the best of online convenience in-store with a variety of endless aisle touchscreen solutions.

These systems are an excellent addition to any shop, and can play a major role in ensuring that you can keep your customers loyal with an easy experience whenever they visit. A bespoke endless aisle solution can also incorporate your brand in a memorable and enjoyable way.

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Endless aisle retail solution

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  • A versatile display with a sleek design.
  • Full roll-out to distribution centres worldwide.
  • Production cost savings to maximise budgets
Endless Aisle Solution
Endless Aisle Solution

Case study

An Eco-friendly POP display

  • A sustainable, versatile display with a sleek design.
  • Full roll-out to distribution centres worldwide.
  • Production cost savings to maximise budgets

Bespoke Endless Aisle Solutions

The best way to ensure that your company has endless aisle software it can rely on, is to commission bespoke retail solutions that are designed to work for your stores.

Endless aisle solutions can focus on:

  • Keeping a consistent theme between your physical shop and your e-commerce store.
  • Presenting all of the options that your shop sells in a consistent way that makes your products attractive prospects to your customers.
  • Ensuring a simple design which is easily navigated by all of your customers, as complex designs can cause accessibility issues for some customers.

Case Study – See how Boot Barn created a digital hub with EloView.


If you’re interested in endless aisle solutions for your business and want a bespoke solution that can help you to make the most of your business, get started with KSF Global today.

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