Shoe Displays

A shoe display stand or shoe display unit needs to showcase your products in the best way.

Shoe display shelving is a good option for retailers that want to showcase a range of shoes from multiple brands.

There are many different types of display stands that you may consider:

  • Shoe display units – Clear acrylic boxes, glass display units or standalone displays
  • Display shelving – Perfect for retailers that want to display a range of products
  • Mirror displays – A branded mirror display allows the customer to see how the shoe looks
  • Gondola shoe displays – Other types of products can be incorporated such as clothing
  • Freestanding units – Great for promotional campaigns

You may be creating a new product display for a new product campaign or for a long-term retail promotion with seasonal graphics. To compete in the increasingly competitive fashion or sports retail market, it’s essential that your shoe display is unique while reflecting your brand.

To create your retail design brief, think about your products USP. What do your customers need to know? It may be the performance, benefits or aesthetic features of your products.

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Hunter footwear freestanding shoe display

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Innovative Designs

Our in-house designers will create the vision for your brand or retail store.

Go Global with Less Risk

Take advantage of manufacturing cost savings with our worldwide manufacturing capabilities.

Wide Range of Materials

Find the right material for your shoe display stands, from premium to eco-friendly, we have options for every type of project.

Case Study

An eco-friendly POP display

See how we helped Hunter to create a sustainable, floor-standing POP display for their latest season:

  • A versatile display with a sleek design.
  • Full roll-out to distribution centres worldwide.
  • Production cost savings to maximise budgets
Shoe Display
Shoe Display

Case study

An Eco-friendly POP display

  • A sustainable, versatile display with a sleek design.
  • Full roll-out to distribution centres worldwide.
  • Production cost savings to maximise budgets

Bespoke Shoe Displays

When creating a bespoke footwear display, start with your objectives and your brand vision. Ask yourself the following questions when planning your shoe display:

  1. How many SKUs need to be on display?
  2. What is the ideal quantity per SKU on display?
  3. Does the display stand need seasonal updates, or is it temporary?
  4. What is your total project budget?
  5. Are there any constraints or challenges?

Speak to the KSF team about your latest project. We have created retail shoe display stands for a range of brands, from trainers to wellington boots, to work boots and sandals.

Enquire about our product display stand solutions. At KSF Global, we’re well-versed in making bespoke shoe displays for our clients globally, and we can help you create the right solution to showcase your range of products.

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