Jewellery Displays

A jewellery display stand needs to appeal to the luxury goods sector. Your jewellery display should match the aesthetics of your products and your brand to attract the right customers.

Jewellery always varies in shape, and the small size of the products means that most brands can use their budgets to create a high-end, and uniquely creative display.

A jewellery display can come in a range of shapes and sizes as well as dimensions. We are able to ensure you have the perfect display in line with the products you are trying to sell.

When creating your retail design brief for a jewellery display stand, consider the following questions:

  1. How many SKUs and quantity per SKUs will be on display?
  2. How many product categories of your SKUs are on display?
  3. How flexible to accommodate all SKUs in variable size and shape?
  4. How often are the graphics to be updated for new products or seasonal promotions?
  5. Your budget per display to ensure that our creative ideas will be affordable

A counter-top display is a great option to increase sales at the point of sale. If your jewellery display will be in an aisle near to competitor products, consider promotional POP displays or gondola end displays.

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Jewellery Display Stand for Retail

About KSF Global

Innovative Designs

Our in-house designers will create the vision for your brand.

Go Global with Less Risk

Take advantage of manufacturing cost savings with our worldwide manufacturing capabilities.

Wide Range of Materials

Find the right material for your POP displays, from premium to eco-friendly, we have options for every type of project.

Case Study

A nationwide re-branding for this American fashion house 

See how we helped Kenneth Cole to deliver their new brand vision across multiple stores:

  • Store fixtures and retail display stands installed.
  • A 30% cut in production costs thanks to our global supply chain.
  • Nationwide roll-out.
Kenneth cole store circle images for case study widget
Jewellery Display

Case study

An Eco-friendly POP display

  • A sustainable, versatile display with a sleek design.
  • Full roll-out to distribution centres worldwide.
  • Production cost savings to maximise budgets

Bespoke Jewellery Display Stands

When creating a bespoke accessories jewellery stand, start with your objectives and your brand vision.

During the exploration phase, we will ask you:

  • What are your marketing and sales goals?
  • How does the brand need to be incorporated into the display, do you have any initial creative ideas?
  • How much space is there for your jewellery display? Are there any constraints or challenges?

We have created jewellery displays for a range of different products, from high-end designers to mass produced jewellery accessories.

Enquire about our jewellery display solutions. At KSF Global, we’re well-versed in making bespoke jewellery display stands for our many clients, and we can help you create the right solution to showcase your range of products.

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