Beauty & Cosmetics

The Beauty & Cosmetics industry is centred around aesthetics and luxury. If you sell premium products for customers that are looking for indulgence, it’s essential to create a premium product display.

From our experience, it’s important to understand the retail space you have available in-store. The Beauty and Cosmetics industry can have a wide range of available space, from large store-in-store displays to compact counter-top point of sale displays.

Knowing where your display will be placed in the retail environment is also essential. The location will also help you to understand exactly what type of POP or POS display will suit your project best. The material you use is also important, for example, most high-end retailers will not accept cardboard displays. Acrylic displays are a good solution for Beauty & Cosmetics products which can be effective with well-designed graphics.

We have created many product displays for beauty & cosmetics clients and we can help you to create POP / POS displays for:

  • Make-up
  • Perfume
  • Cosmetics
  • Skincare
  • Nail polish
  • Haircare

Sustainability is another key factor in the Beauty & Cosmetics industry and KSF Global can show you the best options for sustainably sourcing materials for your product display. Get in touch with the team today to discuss your project.

Beauty & Cosmetics

Custom Beauty & Cosmetics Product Displays

At KSF Global, we have a highly experienced and knowledgeable team that come from backgrounds in retail, marketing, manufacturing and design. Our extensive experience means that we are able to guide you at every step of the way, to ensure that the project is a success.We know the importance of showcasing Beauty & Cosmetics products in unique ways while getting the brand vision across and we have tried and tested techniques for boosting product sales with imaginative retail displays.We work with you closely to understand your:

  • Brand history and vision
  • The products character and features
  • Target customers
  • Distribution and retailing channels

Every custom Beauty & Cosmetics display project follows our creative design and development process. We can work with you from defining and designing retail product displays, through delivery and installation.Our bespoke product display service follows the retail project lifecyle:

  • Defining the brief and understanding the shopper persona
  • Designing conceptual ideas, visualisations and refining the final design
  • Developing the prototype from a concept, and value engineering the final solution
  • Deliver the final displays with cost-effective production and sourcing
  • Deploy the solution and install the displays

Speak to KSF Global about your current Beauty & Cosmetics retail display project.

Case Study

See how we created a sustainable, floor-standing POP display for Hunter’s latest season

Beauty & Cosmetics

Find out how the KSF team designed a sustainable, versatile display with a sleek design that could be used across the globe.

We were able to deliver impressive results for Hunter Boots, including savings in production costs. Throughout the project, we worked closely with the company to understand their needs and deliver on time, budget and requirements.

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Beauty & Cosmetics

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