Whether you are a Brand, Retailer or a Trade professional, KSF Global can provide a retail design service that suits your project.

KSF Global can work with you at any stage of a retail design project, from concept to completion. And at any scale, from an in-store promotion campaign to retail store fittings for multiple store rollouts.

We appreciate that it is impossible for any single company to be complete masters of the many different retail services required from their in-house resources alone.

Therefore, we have developed a co-operative integration between like-minded, high standard retail partners each bringing their particular core strengths in specialist areas.

Together, we operate a seamless and integrated eco-system that provides all retail design services and turn-key solutions to our customers while remaining agile, lean and in control.


For Brands

Are you a retail marketing professional in need of a POS/POP display or an innovative solution such as an incorporated technology display?

We offer a range of retail design services to create stand-out and effective product displays.

For brands that are creating a retail environment, like a shop-in-shop, we offer a retail design service to create high impact designs that engage and attract shoppers.

The retail environment is competitive and crowded but our retail design service and our British design team are here to consult and advise on your retail project to ensure that it has the most impact in store.

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KSF developed the first pilot store from concept drawings and were


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For Retailers

Are you in charge of retail operations or new store builds?

KSF Global has worked with retailers all over the globe to bring significant savings to store refurbishments and new concept roll-out programs via our global supply chains in the UK, Europe and China.

Our centrally managed logistic and fulfilment partners will look after every stage through to the shop floor for your national, regional and international store portfolio.

Given the ever-changing retail environment, we are always prepared to customise our service to meet your specific needs and support your growth.

Case Study:

KSF developed the first pilot store from concept drawings and were


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For Trade

Are you a shopfitter or a retail design agency in the retail services trade?

We offer a competitive service that can support your operations, as a sub-contracted manufacturer or a display development partner.

The KSF Global team can help you to mitigate the risks associated with cross-border manufacturing. We regularly partner with Trade customers that want to take advantage of our Far East supply chain and total project cost savings.

You will find that we work effectively with our Trade clients as part of your extended team, providing the cross-cultural experience and know-how to make sure your direct customers receive excellent customer service and are completely satisfied.

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Globally Created, Locally Delivered

Our retail design services process takes a global approach.

  1. You will speak to our team in the UK first to explore your project plans and ideas. At this point, we offer retail consultancy and shopper research to understand your requirements and the best way forward.
  2. The retail design and development phase may take place in the UK, China or the USA, depending on requirements.
  3. We then have retail manufacturing and logistics capabilities all over the world to deliver your retail displays to the location they are needed.

Our process


Our process begins by defining your shopper personas using shopper insights and shopper marketing information to explore the options for your project.

We then work on the retail display design by producing conceptual ideas, drawing visualisations and refining designs until we arrive at the final concept.

The next stage is to create the prototype of your product display, retail fixture or retail technology solution.

The display development process involves value engineering to produce an innovative cost-effective solution that still meets the brief. We provide a prototype for you to assess and then use your feedback to create the final piece for production.

Then, once the final retail solution is ready for production by one of our facilities across the globe, depending on the final logistical requirements, our team take care of the entire sourcing and retail manufacturing process, providing you with the best possible total project cost, thanks to our global network of trusted partners.

And finally, we arrange the warehousing, global logistics and implementation of your retail solution. We provide ongoing support to you and your team, to ensure that your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

KSF Global work with partners all over the world to ensure the deployment and completion of your retail project.

Globally Created, Locally Delivered