Acrylic Displays

Whether large or small, a transparent acrylic display stand can be an invaluable tool for any retailer.

What is an acrylic display? An acrylic display is a clear, see-through retail display used to showcase a wide range of products. Acrylic stands can also be used throughout the store to display small high-end products like jewellery or larger items like handbags.

There are several types of acrylic point of sale display stands:

  • Display cabinets
  • Shelving units
  • Bridges
  • Solid display blocks
  • Freestanding display stands

Acrylic point of sale display stands are often placed near the tills or towards the end of a customer’s shopping journey to highlight products that are likely to be bought on impulse.

The most important facet of acrylic display stands is the fact that they don’t restrict visibility. This means you can use multiple heights of a stand to provide a layered display, without hiding any of the products from view. It also means they can go with any display theme, as they will not distract from the key colours or messages you want to highlight.

For example, a fashion retailer might use a series of acrylic display stands to showcase a pair of shoes, a handbag and a hat. By using three heights of display, the products can be shown off at the height they would be worn, or at least in that order. This provides a more visually appealing option for consumers.

Acrylic cases let you give customers 360-degree views of products without being able to handle them. This is a good way to prevent theft, but it isn’t just practical; using displays in this manner can be a great way to add an extra layer of prestige to products.

Placing products in display cases – particularly products that are very visual from all sides – can add a sense of luxury. This is an excellent way to make your store or the items you sell give off a high-end impression, which could be invaluable to your business.

At KSF Global, we have plenty of experience manufacturing and designing acrylic point of sale display stands. We can even create bespoke options for your specific retail needs, and help you redesign your retail environment to meet your goals. Why not get in touch today and see how we can help.

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Acrylic Displays

About KSF Global

Innovative Designs

Our in-house designers will create the vision for your brand.

Go Global with Less Risk

Take advantage of manufacturing cost savings with our worldwide manufacturing capabilities.

Wide Range of Materials

Find the right material for your POP displays, from premium to eco-friendly, we have options for every type of project.

Case Study

An end-to-end solution for a large U.S. retailer

See how we helped DG Americas to secure permanent floor space in a large U.S. retailer with eye-catching retail displays:

  • Less durable cardboard displays replaced with permanent displays.
  • Tight deadlines achieved with careful project management.
  • Images of the entire manufacturing process available to view in the case study.
Acrylic Displays
Acrylic Displays

Case study

An Eco-friendly POP display

  • A sustainable, versatile display with a sleek design.
  • Full roll-out to distribution centres worldwide.
  • Production cost savings to maximise budgets

Bespoke Acrylic Displays

If you’re looking for acrylic displays that draw eyes to your products but don’t distract from the overall look and feel of your shop, you might be best served by using acrylic shop displays that have been designed just for your store. We work with you from the design phase to delivery, after asking you a few simple questions about your needs:

  1. Do you have any previous fittings or designs we need to take into account when creating our designs?
  2. Are there any designs or features you would like to integrate into your final product?
  3. What timescale would you like your fittings to be delivered and produced in?

By answering these questions, you can help our team to develop acrylic displays that work perfectly on your premises, fitting in whilst helping your incredible products to stand out to your customers. If you’re looking for bespoke fittings and furnishings for your store, KSF Global has built up a wealth of experience in the creation and delivery of shop fittings and fixtures for some of the biggest retailers in the world. We are happy to follow your lead, and create bespoke retail acrylic displays to your exacting needs.

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