30 Creative Point of Sale Display Ideas for Your Next Product Launch

Are you about to launch a new product into retail?

If you’re a marketing manager, a brand manager or a merchandiser, you know the struggle of looking for new and creative point of sale display ideas that entice and delight shoppers while showcasing your brand in the best possible light.

Executing a product launch successfully in-store is a vital way to draw the customers’ attention to products and effectively reach shoppers at the point of sale can make or break a new campaign.

Be inspired by our 30 creative point of sale display ideas from the world of Fashion & Apparel, Sports & Outdoor, Consumer Electronics, Beauty & Cosmetics, Watches & Jewellery, Healthcare & Homeware, DIY & Gardening and Food & Drink.

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Fashion & Apparel Point of Sale Display Ideas

1) Kenneth Cole Point of Sale Suit Display

Fashion and apparel point of sale example

Kenneth Cole’s “Suit Yourself” POS display is the perfect combination of simplicity and wordplay.  Keeping the design simple and message short and snappy draws the customer in while letting the clothes speak for themselves.

To find out how Kenneth Cole achieved its brand vision with a clothing display fixture: download the case study here.


2) Mulberry Counter Display

Mulberry bag behind counter display
The POS bag display behind the counter draws the eye to a new collection product in the store at the point of purchase.

With KSF Global’s help, Mulberry rolled out a new store concept with a modern design and unique product displays. Find out more about the project here.


3) Superdry Clothing Stand on Wheels

superdry pos clothing stand

Superdry are well known for their unique, casual brand. This point of sale display idea for a clothing display incorporates a vintage design with a recycled style. The wheels on the display mean that easily moved around the shop when the other displays are updated.

Tip: Think about how you want your customers to feel when they see the display and opt for colours generally associated with the emotions you want to create.


4) Primark Low-Cost Point of Sale Offers

point of sale idea 4 primark POS

Nearly 80% of consumers have made an impulsive purchase in-store. Displaying a variety of inexpensive products at the checkout can encourage customers to grab an extra item.


5) Dickies Clothing Gondola Point of Sale Display

clothing point of sale display dickies

This clothing point of sale display concept shows how you can display more than one row of clothes and other items on the end. The design of this gondola display ties in with the Dickies industrial brand by using a metal platform on the base.


Point of Sale Display Ideas for Sports & Outdoor Brands

6) Adidas Inspirational Point of Sale Display

point of sale display idea 5 adidas
Image credit: pinimg.com

Designed to stop customers in their tracks, Adidas’ bold design and laser-focused inspirational messaging show customers what they can achieve while wearing the attire.


7) Unicorn Darts Display

Darts POS idea

KSF Global recently designed a free-standing display unit to display Unicorn’s new darts and accessories line. Our new, simple design allowed customers to see the full range of products while adhering to health & safety standards. Find out more about this innovative pos display design here.


8) Clothing Rail Point of Sale Display

regatta clothing fixture example

Displaying clothing items on a transportable gondola display like this POS display example is a flexible and modern solution. This concept shows how you can add small touches like measurements and a space for leaflets to add value to the display.

Tip: For a unique point of sale idea, try adding interactive content to your POS stand, such as videos or interactive displays.


Consumer Electronics Point of Sale Display Ideas

9) Games Workshop Gaming Tables

games workshop gaming tables
Games Workshop has a long history of bringing epic stories to its customers. By providing each store with a clear gaming area, KSF Global helped Games Workshop entice new customers into their shops. See how this company improved the shopping experience in this case study.


10) Product Demo Stand POS Idea

demo stand example

When it comes to premium technology products, customers need more reassurance to make a purchase. This product demo concept is clean and unobstructed so shoppers can easily see the main features and interact with the product.


11) WiiU Console Point of Sale Display

POS demo display example

Image credit: pinimg

This point of sale idea for consumer electronics allows customers to demo the product in a really fun and interactive way to spark excitement. If you are launching an electronics product or a video game, think about including a demo opportunity in your POS display design.


12) Sony Camera POS Display

Sony point of sale example
Image credit: pinimg
In this point of sale display idea, Sony chose to include product specs and lens information to educate their customers. This is an excellent way to demonstrate your product and reel customers in with additional information. They’ll probably leave with the accessories as well as the camera!


Tip: 61% of consumers say they prefer retailers that have Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities. Try including AR in your displays so customers can, for example, see how your product will look in their home.


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Point of Sale Display Ideas for Beauty & Cosmetics

13) ILove Product Display

Cosmetics product POS display

Want an attention-grabbing design that stands out in a crowded retail space? This bright and colourful point of sale display idea for a cosmetics retail display attracts attention and showcases a full range of products in one piece.


14) Jergens Naturals Simple Display

POS small stand

Image credit: pinimg

Do you offer several variations of your beauty product? Showcasing a whole product category like in this Jergens countertop display gives your customers a way to compare and pick the best option for them.


15) Makeup Display Stand

make up display example

If you are creating a makeup display stand for your product, it’s especially important to stand out in the crowded makeup market by showcasing your brand in the most creative way possible. Consider which materials will work best for your display stand, (wood, metal or plastic?) to get the best effect.

Tip: Customers looking for luxury brands respond to entirely different designs than those who want organic, cruelty-free beauty products. Make sure each element of your display resonates with your brand. Consider the material, the graphics and the permanency of your display.


16) Gentlemen’s Grooming Point of Sale Display

POS display men's grooming

This concept point of sale display for a gentleman’s grooming brand shows how you can display a range of products in a compact way. A counter-top display like this is perfect for a till area or a small aisle space.


Ideas for Watches & Jewellery Point of Sale Displays

17) FitBit Watch Display

fitbit POS display

Image credit: pinimg

Showcasing variations to allow customers to compare models is perhaps even more effective with technology products such as FitBit watches. This simplistic stand design and demo video is a perfect way to advertise product specs.


18) Ben Sherman Accessories Display

watch product display example

This accessory display stand idea is modern and compact with a premium design. This point of sale display idea is perfect for a counter-top space in a retail store that targets mid-market to premium shoppers.


19) Breo Point of Sale Watch Display

watch point of sale display

This bright and colourful watch product display shows how your products can really stand out with creative graphics on a clean, white display.


Point of Sale Display Ideas for Healthcare & Homeware Brands

20) Elvie Counter Stand POS

Elvie counterstand example

This sleek and modern countertop display shows both sides of the product in a compact display. This point of sale display idea is perfect for a premium product with a small retail space.


21) Holland and Barrett Point of Sale Event

holland and barrett entrance pos idea

Image source: Squarespace

To create a sense of urgency around your product, try organising a time-limited promotional sale event to urge customers to buy it while the offer stands. Draw inspiration from Holland & Barrett’s 25% off sale event with their gondola end display.

Tip: Stand out by having your POS displays come in unique shapes and sizes, like a drink bottle, a giant pen or a fruit tree.


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DIY & Gardening Point of Sale Display Ideas

22) B&Q Gorilla Glue Eye-Catching Point of Sale Display

Gorilla POS display

Image credit: pinimg

This is an excellent example of a POS display dump bin that stands out and ensures no one will miss it. Large font helps customers spot the stand from across the store.


23) Hozelock Concept Screen Product Display

Hozelock POS tech example

This POS display concept shows how a digital screen can be seamlessly incorporated into a product display. Screens are a great addition to a product display that can benefit from explanations and extra information.


24) Beta Tools Display

30 Creative Point of Sale Display Ideas for Your Next Product Launch
Image credit: e.fox

Showcasing a wide variety of products like the display of these tools is a perfect way to cross-sell accessories across a category of similar products.


25) Fig POS Display Stand

30 Creative Point of Sale Display Ideas for Your Next Product Launch

Image credit: Paul Cartwright branding

Sometimes cluttering your design with text isn’t the best option. Why not use graphics and photos instead to demonstrate the use of your product, like Fig does here?

Tip: Don’t cover your products behind parts of the display, but make sure your products are easily accessible for your customers.


Ideas for Food & Drink Point of Sale Displays

26) Colmans Temporary Product Display

colmans temp product display
A temporary product stand is usually made from a more affordable material, like cardboard. This Colman’s product display uses the brand colours throughout the display to stand out with its bold colour.


27) Green & Blacks Product Display

confectionary pos example

This confectionery product display is perfect for new or promotional products, for a larger retail store. They made use of every element of the display by adding a logo to the lip of the shelves.


28) Starbucks Fridge and Product Display

pos fridge idea
Image credit: great northern instore

Storing your most popular products in a fridge next to the till makes it easy for customers to grab one right before they pay for their order.


29) Cadbury Seasonal Display

pos example retail arch
Image credit: pop-online

Cadbury’s designed a seasonal POS display to get consumers hyped for Halloween and boost sales. The cardboard arch is tall and draws customers straight to the display.


30) Alpen Point of Sale Example

metal food point of sale stand

This point of sale stand is an example of how a long-lasting metal display can be used. While the stand is relatively straight-forward, the graphical element draws the eye to the brand and it can be swapped in and out.


Tip: Make sure your POS display is always tidy and well-stocked. Also, regularly evaluate sales and positioning to highlight newer or more popular items.

Take a closer look at these spectacular Point of Sale displays to fuel your creativity by downloading your own copy of all examples here.


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