Amazing Shoe Stores From Around the Globe

Shoe design has become big business. No longer are customers satisfied with the typical shopping experience, if they are investing in beautiful designer shoes, they want the shop to match. Not mentioning names, but there are a few KSF staff members whose shoe obsession meant figuring out our favourite footwear shops was an easy task…

Kurt Geiger  Shoe Chandelier

The Kurt Geiger Store commissioned this completely unique retail display unit for their range of shoes. The unit itself has become famous in its own right and is now known as part of the brand’s signature look.

Geiger shoe store

Conveyor Belt in Munich

Munich Shoes has seen rapid success across Europe and Asia and its not difficult to see why. Munich stores bring an element of fun and excitement with a conveyor belt of shoes, that wraps around the shop. The shoe retailer is particularly popular in Japan for introducing fun interactive elements such as peepholes in to the stock room. Offering trust and fun has been a huge hit with customers.

Munich shoe store

Munich shoe store

Rustic Shoe Store Does Chic.

Rustic usually falls into two categories for retailers; country or vintage. That’s why were pleasantly surprised to see Clae’s take on the rustic. Using mainly wood materials, Clae creates a shop interior that is both effortlessly cool while appealing to their young male customers. All the units are created to look like pallets built into a make shift store but we know meticulous design planning would have gone into this shop.

Clae shoe store

Color Run’s Lack of Colour.

Small retailer, Color Run has cleverly designed their store so all the attention is on the brightly coloured shoes but not sacrificed overall style. The eye naturally is drawn to bright colours so by using lines along the floor, walls and ceiling it keeps you constantly looking at products rather than being distracted.

Colors shoe store

Level Shoe District; 96,000sq foot of sheer shoe bliss.

Of course, we left the best till last. Only in the millionaire’s playground of Dubai would you be able to find 96,000sq foot of unadulterated shoe shopping heaven. With every designer you can think of this was an ambitious project from the start. Floor layout, design cohesion and costing would be handful of challenges they would face just from the concept design phase. The final outcome of The Shoe District is exquisite!

Level shoe store

Want to have something equally spectacular for your fashionable store? Get in touch with our team to see what we can come up with.