Is British Manufacturing Set for a Comeback?

KSF Global work with retailers and brands from around the world, we like to think that if there is a new trend or a change in business behaviour we will spot it first. Over the last few years we have seen a definite increase in demand for production and manufacture in the UK.  Why is this? We decided to explore further.

Many will remember the days when so many of the UK’s greatest manufacturing companies made the painful decision to close its doors and outsource production to more cost effective labour markets around the world. Could all this be changing?  The economy has finally seen growth as manufacturing output has been rising quickly for over three years and is now up around 2 per cent year on year according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Why is this? Could this be a sure sign that the UK is ready to welcome British manufacturing with open arms?

British manufacturing

Over the last five years production costs have levelled out due to the cost of transporting goods across continents. Retailers such as Topshop and Aston Martin have moved some production back to the UK to make savings on shipping cost meet quick delivery time required from their customers. KSF Global’s clients have been benefiting from the ease of communication and the speed of production the UK has to offer; sometimes a frustrating aspect of working with a global supply chain. Even London based agencies and brands are seeking design solutions outside of England’s capitol to the Midlands and further north to find companies which can offer competitive prices.

Although the last 25 years has seen a decline in British manufacturing, expertise in engineering, production and design has grown with the up skilling of a generation in the UK. This hasn’t gone unnoticed around the world; ‘British made’ now have manufacturing prestige which relates to our very popular Royal Family. The stamp ‘Made in GB’ is a statement of wealth and luxury around the world due to its links with the Royal family. Royal prestige is highly sought after by the newly affluent and wealthy in fast rising economies such as Dubai and China.

Will the UK make a massive return to manufacturing? Possibly not a mass scale, but we are now starting to understand our market along with global clientele needs. KSF’s supply chain already has the UK fully integrated into manufacture process so it’s an exciting time for us to expand our work network and assist business growth in Britain. It’s It is this knowledge which will allow us to carve our own manufacturing niche to become known as the best in the world at it.

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