Cashing in on Café Culture with POP

House of Fraser KSF Global

House of Fraser recently announced that they would be opening a new click and collect service at a Caffe Nero coffee shop in Cambridge. Is this a sign that the UK revolutionising POP and POS in retail like we have never seen before?

The first of its kind format will allow customers to grab their favourite caffeine drink while they browse House of Fraser’s catalogue on tablets on the ground floor. Upstairs, the plan is to incorporate all of House of Fraser’s branding including POP, product display units and even fitting rooms.

This smart thinking link-up has been a result of House of Fraser taking the time to fully understand their customer’s needs and life style. With no retail space in the Cambridge, but a high volume of online House of Fraser shoppers in the area, this experimental store format is in the perfect location. The new stores will make full use of new beacon technology with their mannequins and payment terminals. Executive director for multichannel Andy Harding says, “With a growing cafe culture and more customers shopping on the go with mobile devices, we believe we’re providing our customers with an innovative solution which meets the needs of today’s busy consumer,”

House of Fraser’s clever thinking behind this new POP is yet another sign that the high street is fighting back against the recession. While retailers are fully aware that no one is safe during these hard times, it has also forced once comfortable retail giants to innovate in serving customers. Evaluating where customers can find a point of purchase to make shopping more pleasant and covenant, is one the new ways retailers are taking action.

As retailers are now gearing up for  Christmas, they will soon be planning for Christmas 2015. It won’t just be about the aesthetics of their shop floor or how they will use Christmas themes in the their window displays. It will be, how do we make shopping as easy and pleasurable as getting a coffee? That  is something the KSF Global team cannot wait to create and see.

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