20 Unique Clothing Display Ideas [with Examples]

Clothing display ideas and how you present your apparel can truly have an impact on in-store sales. And there’s a lot to think about, including:

  • Creating something visually appealing and on-brand
  • Being mindful of the space you are using
  • How to organise stock
  • How to make the most of your point of sale
  • Can you use the space to up or cross-sell
  • How to stand out from your competitors

Clothing shop fittings are so much more than utilising space. There’s a psychology and creativity that goes behind it.

To help you get inspired, we’ve rounded up a collection of both retail clothing display ideas and brand product display ideas you can use to take your space to the next level.

Retail Clothing Display Ideas

1. TK Maxx’s indoor/outdoor vibe

TK Maxx clothing display example

TK Maxx mixes up a range of unique display ideas but when it comes to their clothes, they’re all about the garment rack. 

Garment racks organised by clothing type and size makes it easier for shoppers to find what they need. There’s no sparsity in TK Maxx and their displays encourage shoppers to dig deep and explore a wide range of choices to find that treasured gem.


2. Craghoppers apparel POS

As one of the leading outdoor brands, there’s nothing static about Craghoppers. This is reflected in the way they showcase their retail apparel displays.

Using mannequins in an active stance invites customers to envision exactly how these clothes will fit and look when they’re in the great outdoors while reinforcing the brand’s adventurous energy. 

KSF Global Craghoppers


3. The Mulberry fashion display

A clothing display idea from Mulberry - bags.

Mulberry makes the most of its evocative status and tempts the eye by placing new season bags on display, high up and behind the counter. Not only does this fashion point of sale attract attention at the point of sale but it also subconsciously sends a message of elevated status and these bags being very precious.


4. When less is more

Less is sometimes more when it comes to apparel display ideas, and that’s exactly the vibe that Maryling goes for. This high-end retailer understands that every piece they showcase deserves all the time and space in the world – and shouldn’t have to share attention.

This pared-back approach and use of few mannequins, along with well-spaced out forward-facing rails, oozes elegant appeal.

Modern clothing retail shop


5. Clothing display tables by Levi’s

20 Unique Clothing Display Ideas [with Examples]
Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rhaonisilva/5265138911

Levi’s retail stores make the most of their display tables. The denim giants are famed for their all-American timeless appeal and for selling jeans that stand the test of time. By draping their jeans over solid wooden tables, they reinforce the idea of authenticity and repurposing.

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6. Smart shelving units

The shelving unit is another of those inspiring clothing display ideas for presenting your products. Combining wood and metal and mounted to the floor and the wall, it’s totally flexible and can be tailored to suit your store.

While it’s a display method commonly used in selling produce, it can also be an attractive way of arranging clothing, shoes, and accessories. Additionally, there’s plenty of scope for using colour and playing with themes for upselling.

smart shelving units for a clothing display idea
Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/pJYd5CI_TRM

7. Maximise digital with tech screens

endless aisle for a clothing store

Our modern environment is perfectly captured with the idea of the touch screen display. If you want to avoid cramming shelves and using too much space, you can have a few items physically on your apparel displays and then call on a tech touch screen or endless aisle solution to highlight the rest of your collection.

Tip: Check out our Ultimate Guide to Retail Technology for everything you need to know about in-store tech. From what it is and future trends to strategy, planning, and implementation.


8. Upcycling for the sustainable win

Think outside the box and get creative with your clothing displays by upcycling materials.

From turning chairs into hanging spaces or shelves to making the most of bookshelves and empty frames, this is a great way for independent and creative clothing brands to make their mark.

If you’re opting for upcycling, be sure to utilise objects and themes that are relevant to your brand image – for example, skate brands could use old boards or caster wheels.

Reclaimed clothing display idea
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/268808671482118151/


9. Moving rails for flow

clothing rail idea with moving rails
Source: https://www.insider-trends.com/50-of-the-worlds-best-retail-displays/

The pop-up Depop store offered a great showcase for clothing rotation at their residency at Selfridges.

Using dry cleaner-style moving rails and changing up the curated items each week helped keep the display from stagnating. The lack of branding and transitory feel creates a sense of urgency in purchasing before garments are swapped out.


10. Ceiling suspension

An innovative way to change up your space (while making the most of storage) is to hang apparel racks from the ceiling as one of your clothing shop fittings.

Not only does this maximise space, but if you have a multi-storey building, the floating clothing racks viewed from upstairs is an eye-catching visual effect.

ceiling suspended clothing idea
Source: https://www.trendhunter.com/trends/descente-blanc

11. Runway mannequins for the latest fashions

runaway mannequins for fashion
Source: https://www.trendhunter.com/trends/mannequin-fashion

Looking for dynamic clothing display ideas? Get your mannequins moving in situ.

Setting your mannequins up on a catwalk creates the sense of movement…without actually having anything moving. By placing dressed mannequins on a raised runway, you invite customers to admire the garments from every angle, and you can breathe ‘life’ into your displays.


12. Show your colours like Benetton

Forever playing with colour, Benetton is a brand that knows how to make a clothing display a sensory experience (even without the need for tech).

The layout of blending traditional hanging spaces with open-faced tube cupboards and circular desks, all combined with colour coordinating garments, creates a striking and memorable) visual.

Colourful clothing on display in Bentton
Source: https://www.insider-trends.com/50-of-the-worlds-best-retail-displays/


Clothing Display Ideas for Brands

13. The versatile shoe display

Hunter footwear freestanding shoe display

Get your shoes stacked on a free-standing shoe display on wheels.

Clean and easy both when it comes to aesthetics and flexibility, this apparel display is a great way to showcase your finest footwear. Removable shelves ensure every shoe fits and the simplified and aligned visual draws in the eye without overwhelming your consumer.


14. Show off your best bags on a rucksack stand

This rucksack stand is a great way of storing and showcasing your best bags.

When rucksacks are on the shelves, they can look cluttered and it’s difficult for shoppers to see their shape and individual style. On a rucksack stand, the bag stands alone and certainly stands out from the crowd.

A rucksack stand POP displays


15. Dickies

KSF Global Dickies Showroom

Dickies is a fashion brand born from workwear, and this gondola-style garment stand pays homage to that history.

With a metal base platform and more than one row of clothes and space for accessories, you can play with utility and symmetry when presenting your stock.

Tip: Building a fashion point of sale that reflects your heritage embeds your brand into the minds of your shoppers.


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16. The practical Regatta rail

The Regatta rail is a simple way of showcasing their outdoor apparel.

As a brand that’s very geared towards simplicity, quality, and understanding that time is precious, this easy-on-the-eye rail is all about organisation, colour, and simple sizing.

KSF Global Regatta


17. Stand-out merchandising ideas for clothing by Superdry

ksf global superdry

Superdry is a brand centred around casualness and coolness – so the perfect clothing display presentation for them needed to align with that image.

This is one of those clothing display ideas that blend brand style with flexibility by leaning on vintage and recycled style presentation. Superdry also stacks by colour and calls on industrial style features that fit their brand image.


18. Kenneth Cole creativity

Simple, suave, and served with a pun that elicits a slight smile, the Kenneth Cole ‘suit yourself’ display mixes business and pleasure.

This brand is known for its creativity, vision, and even controversy – all while staying true to its luxury status. There’s a rebellious edge and a bold sentiment to this form of presentation.

kenneth cole case study for Retail Display Development


19. Axel Arigato

minimalist fashion display example
Source: https://www.insider-trends.com/50-of-the-worlds-best-retail-displays/

The Swedish footwear company has created a bold space to display their trainers. Inspired by brutalist architecture, the flagship store is all concrete and hard shapes, with the trainers sparsely laid out.

This dramatic effect places the shoe centre stage and reinforces the idea of good footwear in an urban environment.


20. Vans

Customisation and forward-thinking sits at the heart of the Vans retail display in their London flagship store.

With a huge workstation in the middle of the space, scattered shoes and artists hard at work, customers are invited to connect with staff and tech to create their own shoes.

shoe display idea from Vans
Source: https://www.insider-trends.com/50-of-the-worlds-best-retail-displays/


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