15 Innovative Sports Retail Display Ideas [with Examples]

Sports retail displays should leap out of the space and showcase activity, life, and colour. 

Whether getting us in the mood for summer swims or inviting us to be active on the slopes, your sports point of sale should tick the boxes when it comes to engagement and energy.

Retail displays and point of sales should:

  • Draw consumers in
  • Showcase your retail creativity
  • Increase sales

Take a look at this collection of 15 ideas from a range of different sporting brands to help inspire your next product display.

Sports point of sale for the win

1. Be on-brand

Canterbury sport base layer display front view

Rugby company, Canterbury, pull out all the stops when it comes to their masculine-edged displays.

In keeping with the theme of the sport, this strong and compelling visual retail display echoes the brand energy of playing with negative space, using team colours and making a direct reference to the body – the centre of the sport.


2. Help shoppers visualise

As one of the leading outdoor and sports brands, Craghoppers makes the most of active stance mannequins so that walkers can see how the clothes will hang on the body.

Not only do these mannequins bring visual active appeal, but they also help customers visualise whole and complete outfits – and this encourages upsell. 

KSF Global Craghoppers


3. Let the product do the talking

KSF Global Craghoppers

Many sports brands want to embrace the zero-fuss attitude that consumers crave when it comes to their workout or activewear.

Here, Craghoppers again reminds us that a great display can simply be letting the product do the talking. This minimalist stand is sleek and simple, yet still stays on brand – sharing a sense of confidence that reminds us Craghoppers is for those who need no adornment, just style and skill. 


4. Present your values

Hunter is one of the leading top-tier brands when it comes to outdoor footwear, and as a luxury brand, they need to stay innovative.

With consumers wanting to opt into buying choices with companies that take sustainability seriously, Hunter uses its unique shoe displays to present these values.

This particular shoe display unit also doubles down on its connection to the natural world with an eco-friendly wooden display, spring colour schemes and foliage-inspired décor.

Hunter footwear freestanding shoe display

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5. Showcase accessories in style

KSF Global Regatta

We all know that sport isn’t just about clothing, as this display from outdoor company Regatta reminds us. 

This walking pole retail display is a clever way of showcasing those added extras you need when out hiking. It does this by combining the aesthetic appeal of order and various sizes with those outdoorsy touches like choosing wood as the stand – an echo of the outside world.


6. Don’t choose between design and safety

Some sports brands may feel as though they need to compromise their design edge to meet safety standards, but darts company Unicorn proves you can have your cake and eat it.

This bespoke sports point of sale was designed to showcase the board, darts and all the features you need to play a full game – with a naturally placed security bar that stops customers from removing items without assistance.

Avoiding the need for unsightly metal cages while meeting health and safety standards, Unicorn shows that heritage, health and safety, and innovation can all come together.

KSF Global Unicorn


7. Play with shape and product

sports retail idea adidas

This tower display by Adidas plays with shape and product by taking the spherical football and displaying it in a tall standing tower that catches the eye.

The detailing on the sports point of sale design is also timely and adds to the excitement. The aggressive shaped base and German flag colour scheme align with the signature Adidas logo and wings.


8. Capture the heritage

An innovative way of presenting sporting goods is illustrated in this golf ball display stand

It’s long been a tradition for signature golf balls and golf gifts to be displayed in pride of place, and this simple elegant display case echoes that sentiment.

Having the balls showcased in an acrylic tank pays homage to the heritage of the golf collection all while keeping the product secure and on show.

golf ball countertop display


9. Keep it simple 

Outdoor clothing retail display

Sports brand Dare2b keeps it simple. Clean, clear lines ensure the clothing is front and centre, and options for both hanging and folded clothes showcase matching items.

The simplicity of a black or white stand means customers’ attention is drawn to the products themselves, and using a white stand for ski wear evokes a feeling of the slopes.


10. The versatile rucksack stand

Another must-have accessory for sporty and outdoor adventurers is the rucksack, and this simple rucksack stand makes it simple to showcase the best in your range.

Having a dedicated stand for your rucksacks – rather than squeezing them onto a shelf – helps consumers to see their shape and style with ease. 

metal pop display for bags


11. Create an immersive world 

sports retail display house of cleats
Source: https://www.rosedisplays.com/blog/general/teamwork-is-key-in-retail-innovation/

Sports retail displays can truly make a statement by creating an immersive world for consumers.

Dicks House of Sport took their shoe display racks one step further and turned their merchandise into an actual stadium right inside the store. They even laid astroturf on the floor to evoke the physical feel of a stadium.

Creative, innovative, and with plenty of display space, Dicks have broken the mould when it comes to immersive retail experiences.


12. Mix up your media

Speedo does a great job of mixing different media into their window displays – getting everyone in the mood for summer while displaying their sporting wares.

Using a clever combination of well-placed mannequins and relatively simple DIY materials, they have created a living scene that speaks volumes. 

sports retail display for speedos
Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/renaissancechambara/5759994714


13. Use wall space

US football mannequins in a sports retail display
Source: https://www.mannequinmadness.com/

Don’t let a good wall go to waste when it comes to your sports retail display ideas.

This epic example showcases what can happen when you go deep and think about your retail displays from every angle. Capturing movement, sport, colour, and patriotism, this sporting display is all about going big and taking the scene out of flat space.


14. Think seasonal 

All great sports retail displays can up their relevance and visual interest by staying in seasonal style. The summer months may call for tennis, swimming, jogging, and other outdoor activities, whereas winter is all about snow sports.

winter apparel sports retail display
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/nknordiskakompaniet/_created/


15. A full senses experience

a sports retail display for running jackets
Source: https://betteristheenemy.com/retail-displays

This colourful and compelling sports retail display uses print imagery, mannequins, and physical clothing to create a full sensory experience.

The range of dimensions and colours added to this display helps it jump out from the wall and draws the audience in. 


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