Lush Leeds Launches New Spa


Last night KSF Global was invited to the launch of the new Lush in Leeds city centre. We were wowed with a new store design along with its new spa, the first of its kind for the great city of Leeds.

Upon arrival, we were offered a glass of bubbly and a tour of Lush’s new spa. We were amazed by the level of thought and detail the company has put into ensuring that their underground refuge was a place of tranquillity and effortless cool. This was far from your average cold clinical spa; you can walk in to one of the treatment rooms and feel like you have walked into the familiar home of a relative. Creating a ‘cottage hidden in the woods’ feel; Lush use distressed wooden material throughout. Old Victorian features such as titling and sinks pulled the look together to make the customer feel calm and relaxed before their treatments.  Our favourite bit of the new health spa had to be the consultation room, doubling as a kitchen. A mix of old wood, porcelain materials and modern chalkboards equalled a unique customer focused space.

Lush Spa

After receiving a mini hand massage, we returned to the real world upstairs onto the shop floor. The newly designed shop was definitely an evolution on the Leeds’ old Lush store, maximising on display space and retaining the customer’s attention. Lush Leeds had vastly outgrown its old premises, shelving units could no longer accommodate their range of stock and customers could not freely browse. Lush’s new store, stationed across the street from its predecessor is now twice the size and ensures customers can be cared for at multiple beauty counters across the store. Lush has elevated its store fixtures; the mixture of display tables and perimeter units guide customers towards its centrepiece: the consultation counter. Here is where Lush’s friendly staff, work their magic, assisting customers in finding the perfect product while promoting the brand’s ethos.  The new Lush store perfectly reflects the earthy and ethical atmosphere they are aiming for. It is a good mix of retro and modern, old fashioned ‘no fuss’ presentation with a modern twist.

Lush window

While exploring the new store for the evening we were treated to samples of new Lush products and even got to make our own bubble bar! KSF Global applaud Lush’s new Leeds store. Lush’s design team keep the beautiful organic wood and recycled materials that have always tied in well with their branding. At the same time they understand it’s ‘not all about them’ and have used practical design methods keep the focus on helping the customer to buy.

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