Store Spotlight – Harvey Nichols Christmas Window Display

Harvey Nichols - KSF Global

Harvey Nichols Christmas window display, undoubtedly has one of the most gorgeous  this year. Metallic woodland forests draw shoppers to stand and stare all the fantastic detail within the window. While taking our pictures of Harvey Nichols in Leeds, at least five shoppers stopped to look and comment on the beautiful window in the space of 30 seconds. That is exactly what you want  your Christmas window display to do.

Harvey Nichols created their Christmas window display using an enchanted woodland theme that would speak too all ages. The Harvey Nichols team wanted to tie their video advertising with their Christmas window displays but made sure that reality was far more fantastical. Janet Wardley, Head of display at Harvey Nichols says; “We wanted to bring back to life a fairy-tale landscape that makes you immerse yourself into the magic. The display is three-dimensional, creating the illusion of standing on the forest edge, which will entice you to look deeper into the woods”. Harvey Nichols cleverly used perspective and lighting to create a 3D space in their window display to create enchanted woodland that looks amazing in the dark, perfect as the nights draw earlier.

The window display took over a year to create and over 600 hours to implement across the UK. The window display was designed and created in house with some outside contracting; this presumably was for sourcing and manufacture. If this is the case, it was most definitely a wise choice of the Harvey Nichols team to call in outside help for the manufacturing side of displays. A specialist contractor can use their vast networks to find materials and global manufactures to create bespoke retail display equipment. At KSF Global we would use contacts in China, Europe and America so see who can create the clients designs to spec, on time and at the right price. It is likely that the metallic tree trunks in windows were created in this way, as they are unique to Harvey Nichols.


Much of the Harvey Nichols Christmas display has an element of ‘hand-crafted’ to it, with over 6,000 pipe cleaners to make forest creatures and 2,524 Christmas tree branches hand-painted. These Christmas displays were truly made with the loving care of Harvey Nichols staff.  The Harvey Nichols team has now started making plans for Christmas 2015 and if this year is anything to go by, start the crafting now guys!

Do you need some support with your Christmas concepts in 2015? KSF Global can help you to perfect your designs, source and manufacture what you need from around the global. Get in touch with our team to get a free consultation.