13 Creative Drink Retail Display Ideas [with Examples]

To quench the thirst, celebrate something special, or as a tasty treat – there are many reasons why people purchase beverages.

A stand-out drink retail display means getting creative with your designs. There are many brands of drinks out there, and when it comes to drinks’ point of sale, you want to compel people to pick yours. 

There are ways in which you can use your beverage displays to encourage this. These are some themes and points worth thinking about:

  • How to make it eye-catching
  • How to communicate brand identity 
  • How to make the most of the space
  • How to increase sales

If you need some inspiration, take a look at these 13 drink point of sale examples:


1. Simple and powerful drinks retail display

Bright drinks display with logo

This Stolichnaya stand serves up a simple yet powerful drink promotional display unit that packs quite a punch.

With its strong and unflinching personality, the use of red colouring pulls the eye, while the bottles themselves are stacked in a way that almost resembles the high rises of a major Russian city. In this case, the branding speaks for itself.


2. Consider cross-merchandising that makes sense

Get creative with your drink retail displays and boost sales by cross-merchandising drinks, mixers and other products that complement each other. 

For example, Jager is often mixed with Red Bull, so having them side by side instantly suggests a drink that customers can create and makes it easy for them to stock up on what they need.

bright orange drink display, alternative idea



3. Craft a scene 

Whiskey drink display

Drink product displays don’t have to be stagnant, as shown by this Johnnie Walker set-up. Crafted in the replica style of a classy bar, it doubles down on the enjoyment of standing in a space and sipping a Johnnie Walker in style. 


4. Pop with colour

A pop of colour can go a long way when it comes to bringing a new dimension to your drink retail displays.

This freestanding travel cup display has an eye-catching, cute, and well-organised layout in rainbow shades which adds to the instant happiness someone may experience when buying your product.

retail cup display for drinks


5. Offer a taste test

Complimentary testing of a new drinks product for a display
Source: https://www.creativemag.com/current-beverage-displays/

Make the most of the products you want to draw attention to with a complimentary tasting.

This easy-to-set-up and interchangeable whiskey tasting display has been designed with changeable branding in mind and offers an attractive option for boosting sales and engagement. 


6. Focus on a single product

Highlight a single product and let it capture all the attention. Multiple products on display can become overwhelming and blurry for the customer.

By streamlining and picking a single product to focus on, you can really highlight the features and branding of the specific drink.

In this example from Snow Owl Vodka, the branding leans into its organic nature with a clean design, keyword, and natural colour choices.

A green, organic vodka display
Source: https://www.theodmgroup.com/vodka-display/


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7. Keep your cool

a fridge cooler for drinks
Source: https://www.greatnortherninstore.com/

Keep things cool and boost sales by creating a drink retail display within a chiller.

Nothing will pull customers closer to purchase on a warm day than the idea of a cold drink. Placing it next to the till also drives up that impulse purchase on the way out.

8. Don’t be square

Get creative with your shapes when crafting your drink retail display ideas. By thinking outside the box, like this Jamesons example, you can create an eye-catching, fun, and completely relevant display to boost footfall.

whiskey round alternative drinks display
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/101401429087768068/


9. Go low

Low shelf drinks display on wheels
Source: https://blog.richltd.com/10-food-and-beverage-displays-that-maximize-sales-and-build-brands/

While tall drink towers seem to be the norm when it comes to point of sale displays for beverages, you can also get down low.

You can effectively layer your displays by having a low-placed retail display like this one from Coca-Cola (perhaps having a low mixer and a tall spirit). By going low, you also make your larger bottle objects easier to pick up. 


10. Create an elevated status feel

When dealing with high-price items, consider creating an elevated drink retail display like this example from Remy Martin.

The use of sleek, wood-finished cabinets and display cases and elegant typography invites a premium feeling and a sense of exclusivity that can encourage higher purchases. 

A creative drinks retail display
Source: https://www.theodmgroup.com/creative-retail-display-idea/


11. Go big on your brand story

Alternative bright drinks display idea that looks like a window
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/1477812370151161/?mt=login

Use your drinks retail display idea to tell the story of your brand. This gorgeous example from Aperol captures the essence of this Italian favourite.

Using bright citrus colours and recreating a shuttered Italian window with a flush of greenery, you instantly get a feel for the mood and the magic that this cocktail is here to recreate.


12. Consider your customers’ needs

When it comes to drinks retail displays, you can get creative and use the space to anticipate your customer needs.

By making displays that anticipate what your customer is shopping for and the experience they are seeking, you can get your solutions all lined up and bump up your sales. 

This second example by Coca-Cola blends new tech with the tactile pleasure of buying. The on-shelf module acts as a mixologist, creating unique cocktails by adding your customer preferences. 

Wooden mix station for drinks in an aisle
Source: https://www.display.be/POP-smart-shop-shelf.html

13. Make the most of counter space

Countertop drink display concept
Source: https://plywoodstands.com/
Don’t forget to utilise countertop space when it comes to your retail display ideas. This example calls on a simple and rustic-looking plywood stand that looks great with a handful of beers for a last-minute purchase. 


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