15 Gondola Shelving Examples for Your Retail Stores

Gondola shelving is one of the most versatile, affordable, and safest options for retail spaces.

Gondola racks offer many benefits:

  • They are easily adaptable
  • Useful in stores that need to maximise floor space
  • Flexible enough to be tailored in size, number, placement, and branding
  • Can be updated according to retail trends and seasons

What is gondola shelving?

Gondola shelving and gondola racks are freestanding units that have a flat base, typically solid metal. You can opt for different types of gondola systems, including flat shelf backing, pegboard backing, slatwall backing, and mesh backing.

They can consist of shelves, hooks, or even a combination of both to showcase a wide range of products and hold a lot of weight.

The type of gondola you’ll need depends on your products. Gondola shelves are generally the most sturdy and support the most weight, but you can also choose from:

  • Wire shelves – a non-slip option that remains fairly dust-free
  • Gravity-fed shelves – items are pushed to the front of the shelf and need to be replenished from the back
  • Slatwall shelves – typically made of MDF and secured by brackets

All this makes gondola displays truly versatile and customisable shelving units. 

Gondola shelving colour options

Gondola shelves can come in a colour to suit your brand and store, but black, beige, and grey are the go-to choices as they go with almost everything.

However, it’s important to consider what’s right for your customers. It might just be a cosmetic feature, but the colour of your gondola displays can really entice customers (or put them off).

These stats highlight the importance of colour:

  • 84.7% of customers cite colour as the main reason to purchase a certain product
  • 80% of consumers believe colour boosts brand recognition 
  • 90% of product assessment is based on colour

Gondola shelving ideas to maximise space & boost sales

There are many options when it comes to choosing gondola racks for your retail space, so we’ve rounded up some ideas and examples that help maximise space and create an eye-catching display.

1. Gondola racks with hooks

Wooden gondola shelving in a retail store

Gondola displays are one of the most versatile shelving options. They can hold larger bulkier items, or they can be used to showcase a wide number of smaller items. 

Using clip strips or hooks in your gondola shelving allows you more space, better upselling techniques with cross-merchandising, and improved stock organisation. 


2. Gondola end displays

Gondolas end displays, also called end cap gondolas, help you maximise your retail space, allowing you to create a coherent and compelling layout.

Use a gondola end display to:

  • Enhance your buyer journey by showcasing relevant upsell accessories 
  • Showcase special items and current promotions
  • Steer your buyers from one aisle to another
gondola end shelving examples


3. Gondola shelving for tools

toll display stand gondola end

Gondola shelving works well for showcasing tools as it allows you to be versatile and adapt the shelves according to the tool.

You can use gondola shelving to showcase tools and add accessories for those tools by using hooks and strips. 

CTA for 100+ retail store fixtures examples



4. Work it out with an island gondola for workwear

A gondola unit for workwear and clothes is another great use for this style of shelving.

With gondola shelving, you can opt for a combination of rails and shelves to create full outfit displays and perfect pairings. The use of hooks can also help you to showcase necessary or relevant accessories for a fully organised retail experience. 

A free-standing gondola unit for workwear


5. Gondolas for special promotions

gondola end with a special promotion

Make your special deals even more visible with a gondola, like this one from Lakeland.

When you have retail offers you want to draw attention to (seasonal offers, 2 for 1 deals, etc.), a gondola is a great way of using strategic placement and showcasing deals of the moment.

As gondola content can be easily switched out, this only adds to the versatile nature of this flexible shelf display solution. 


6. Using gondolas for the upsell

Gondolas make a great place to showcase all those upsell extras, like in this example from outdoor store Regatta. They’re used to encourage shoppers to go around them, and placing relevant and attractive products at eyeline can encourage additional sales. 

regatta gondola with accesories


7. Well-placed gondola shelving for last-minute purchases

blue gondola racks with offers

Gondolas can also be used to encourage shoppers to make those last-minute purchases when they’re ready to pay. By placing them close to check-out zones and making them aesthetically enticing or showcasing promotions and seasonal deals, you can increase sales.



8. Spice up your life with a gondola end bay 

In supermarkets and food stores, use end-of-aisle gondolas to showcase spices and recipe accessories. This one from allrecipes is an eye-catching example. 

Not only is it an effective use of space as gondolas are great for capping the ends of aisles, but it also adds to the upsell element. Hooks and pegs also make it easy to organise stock and spices by theme.

two-sided freestanding display unit



9. Use wall gondolas to maximise space

Gondola bays in a fashion retailer

Make the most of your wall space and showcase a wide variety of products with wall gondolas. Using your wall height helps you clearly display different items, and helps customers view your full range.

Place non-purchasable items above arm’s reach and your focus products at eye level to optimise your wall gondolas.


10. Gondolas corner bays

Transform corner space that isn’t being used with a gondola corner bay. It’s a great way of utilising what might be ‘dead’ space and creating a more coherent flow to your shop layout.

You can use it to link rows and products or as a stand-alone option for showcasing even more merchandise.

gondola shelving as a corner unit
Source: https://www.shopfittingwarehouse.co.uk/shelving-racking/chrome-wire-shelving/multipurpose-shelving/6-tier-chrome-wire-shelving-corner-unit-h1800-x-w680-x-d450mm/


11. Promote end-of-stock lines

Wooden gondola shelving for a bakery
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/734720126705773433/
Gondola racks are great for promoting end-of-stock items. Rather than having your surplus stock taking up shelf space and looking jumbled, transfer these items to a gondola for a cleaner finish that looks fuller, neater, and more aesthetically pleasing. 


12. Gondolas for reading materials

With easy access and front-facing shelving, gondola shelving is perfect for displaying books and magazines.

Two-sided gondolas – also known as island gondolas as in this example – make the most of your space and offer versatile showcasing options, as you can have books presented face-on or by binding. 

gondola shelving for a gaming store
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/2955555984512648/


13. Gondola racks for cosmetics 

Gondola end cosmetics display
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/785104147562747375/

Gondolas can be easily transformed and ‘prettied up’, making them a great way to showcase cosmetics.

In fact, you’ll see gondola shelving in most beauty stores. Cosmetic gondolas can also be made interactive, with well-placed products, colours that complement each other, and a mirror for applying testers.


14. Gondolas with pegboards

Pegboards on gondolas are a great way of maximising your shelving and keeping everything looking organised and within the correct capacity.

It also provides a visual break for customers, like this example from Crayola, which can allow them to find what they need more quickly. It invites the use of cross merchandising, too.

Pegboard gondola shelving
Source: https://www.fixturescloseup.com/2021/04/28/crayola-gondola-inline-pegboard-display/


15. Gondola accessories

gondola end shelving

There are plenty of gondola shelving accessories you can use to create an eye-catching display that entices your customers – you could even have customised gondola accessories made to your bespoke shopfitting requirements. Some off-the-shelf options include:

  • Wire baskets or fences – ideal for displaying chunkier items
  • Data strips – for pricing, your product descriptions, and special promotions
  • Hooks and prongs – from pegboard hooks and mesh display hooks to flipper scan hooks
  • Kick plates – detachable plates on the base of the gondola that allow for storage
  • Tube bars – for hanging items
  • Plastic buckets – for smaller items

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