20 Creative Bag Display Ideas for Retail [with Examples]

To entice customers to try out your products, it’s crucial to incorporate contemporary and chic bag displays in the storefront. The key to optimising conversions is to create well-crafted displays that highlight your bags’ qualities and best angles.

In this article, we list our top 20 creative bag display ideas that will help you present your products and drive sales.  

Stand-out retail bag displays:

  • Drive curiosity
  • Keep people engaged
  • Create a fun shopping experience
  • Turn browsers into customers
  • Increase the chances of repeat customers

20 Bag Display Ideas

1. Open shelves

Bag Display Shelving

For bag shop displays, sleek open shelving is always a good bet. These give you the chance to showcase multiple bags, perhaps from a specific collection, so they’re open for everyone to see.

Open shelving can be very eye-catching when done right. Consider adding spotlight LEDs to drive more attention and add a high-end touch.


2. Single display stands

If you have a hero product you’d like to show off, using a single display stand will help draw focus. Modern and simple bag displays like this create an air of exclusivity around the product.  

In this example, KSF created a rucksack stand for Osprey’s outdoor hiking backpacks. With an adjustable height pole and a steel sheet base, it can accommodate any size bag. 

A rucksack stand POP displays


3. POP bag displays

a pop bag display idea for a hanging bag

POP displays are ideal when you’re promoting a specific brand of bag, or if you want to upsell customers with special offers. These can include either straight arms or shelves, giving you options on how to display your product.

This example shows a bag display stand KSF made for Regatta. Made from mild steel and MDF, it has an industrial feel that makes it well-suited for Regatta’s outdoor range of backpacks. 


4. Flexible bag display for multiple products

If you want to cross-sell a range of similar products to customers, choose a flexible stand that will allow you to display multiple bags together. 

KSF created this display for Regatta so that they could promote their outdoor range. The metal grid backing allows for flexible shelving and hanging options, while the branded design gives a professional look that matches the aesthetic of the shop. 

A bag display that can be moved around depending on the products on show


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5. Bag display tables

bags on a table for a display

Display tables are a creative way to present bags that could be bought together or a line of bags from the same brand. From one large tabletop to several smaller tables of different shapes, the options here are limitless.


6. Bespoke retail bag display

Another way to highlight a hero product, like a designer handbag, is to commission a bespoke display. In this example, KSF integrated a bag stand within rows of darker colour shelves. 

This draws attention straight to the product and creates an element of intrigue.

Mulberry bespoke bag display


7. In-wardrobe displays

Custom Retail Bag Display

Creating a unique display that shows how a specific bag looks in, say, a wardrobe makes it easier for customers to visualise how it would look in their home, or imagine how it would complement their lifestyle. This drives intrigue and temptation. 


8. Illuminated bag displays

Using lights in your bag display is a surefire way to attract attention and increase customer engagement. When used strategically, retail LED lighting can even guide the customer to particular sections of your store where you want to maximise conversions. 

Several bags with lighting displayed in a shop
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/180566266287838743/



9. Mirror displays

A modern bag and shoe shop
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/408490628714189986/

No matter how you decide to set up your bag showroom, make sure to include a mirror.

Mirror bag displays show the product from every angle and allow the customer to see how they look with the bag. 


10. Wall feature

Installing a dynamic wall feature does more than just highlight your merchandise. With the option to integrate different-sized shelves and cubby holes, it’s a functional way to present a range of bags in varying shapes and sizes. 

Retail wall display systems also maximise the floor space in your retail shop and minimise visual clutter.

Bag display wall shelving as a feature
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/3377768462894725/


11. Gondola for bag displays

Bags displayed on a gondola in a retail store
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/39476934221696935/

Gondola displays allow you to incorporate multiple types of products alongside your bags, from belts to clothes to shoes. This is a great way to cross-sell items that complement each other.

For example, in this Osprey display, the wallets, bags and belts can all easily be part of the same ensemble, making the customer more likely to make an additional purchase. 


12. Mannequins

Including mannequins in your bag display is another way to help the customer visualise what the bag would look like when worn. This is especially important if there isn’t a mirror in the immediate area. 

Mannequins with bags in a Louis Vuitton shop
Source: https://www.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/louis-vuittons-milan-mannequins-have-speedy-bags-on-the-brain-literally/


13. Multi-tiered tabletop

Multiple bag on a tiered table in a retail store
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/612559986836590102/
Similar to a gondola, using a display table with multiple levels allows you to show off more merchandise in a neat, attractive way. This type of bag display is perfect when upselling handbags that come with matching purses, for example, or a specific brand collection. 


14. Hanging wall bag display

When displaying multiple versions of the same bag, an affordable option is to install hanging arms into a section of a wall. 

To avoid visual clutter, do this with bags that are of similar sizes and shapes. A hanging wall is also more likely to encourage customers to interact with the product.

How to display multiple colours of the same bag
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/211174974257458/


15. Display towers

A tower display for bags
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/619526492508213521/
Another way to hang bags is on a tower display. These usually feature in the centre of the retail shop, making them eye-catching. As you can see in this example, tower displays can feature slats that allow you to hang merchandise flexibly.


16. 360° shelving

Display shelves don’t have to be affixed to the walls. To give your retail shop that wow factor that keeps customers engaged, consider installing shelves around a pillar or tower unit. This is more likely to encourage interaction and get customers closer to that point of sale.

Bags displayed on a central post with a 360 degree view
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/11822017764226695/


17. Floating shelves

Small bags on floating shelves in a window display
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/187673509465405232/

Another shelving option for bag displays is floating shelves. These are true statement pieces and perfect for displaying a brand collection, or for sprucing up some empty wall space.

Floating shelves aren’t as intrusive as display cabinets, making your retail shop feel airier and less cluttered. They also free up floor space, allowing customers to move around comfortably and have a more enjoyable shopping experience. 


18.  Bag display cabinets

If your retail shop has the space for a purpose-built display cabinet, it’s a great way to imbue the shop with a high-end, luxurious atmosphere. Go one step further and enhance these displays with shelf spotlights and backing mirrors.

Bag displays in a smart shop
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/139893132167748794/


19. Vitrines

Luxury bags on display with glass cabinets
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/581879214362922777/
Vitrines as bag displays are suited for showcasing valuable merchandise, usually smaller purses or clutch bags. In this example of Mulberry’s luxury store in Paris, the glass display case features a soft light, and subtly draws attention to the items inside. 


20. Creating a scene

The last bag display idea we have for you is to set up a scene that reflects the bag’s usage. 

For example, in this beachy set-up, the use of props like bodyboards, wooden furniture and plants puts the customer in a state of mind where they would be using the product.

Manipulating your retail displays to mimic your target consumer’s lifestyles will help them form a connection with your merchandise and get them to the checkouts. 

Beach style bags on display with bright colours
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/758434393517721120/


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