20 Creative Shoe Display Ideas for Retail [with Pictures]

Presenting your shoe selection correctly is the difference between hooking your customers in and having them walk right by. We look at 20 shoe display ideas for your brand or retail store.

Creative shoe displays do more than just showcase your products, they:

  • Draw attention to the retailer
  • Create an attractive store atmosphere
  • Show customers how the shoes are meant to look
  • Engage your customers’ attention

In a nutshell, the correct shoe display gently nudges your customers further through the sales funnel and closer to that point of sale.

Shoe Display Ideas

We’ve carefully curated our top 20 shoe display ideas that will help you drive sales and make the most of your retail space.


1. Shoe display shelving

A variety of shoe displays in a retailer, freestanding and fixed retail shelving

If you have multiple shoe ranges, opting for a range of shoe display shelving units allows you to showcase each brand or range in the most dynamic way. Shelving can be used alone as freestanding units or integrated with shoe racks and walls.

Shoe display shelves are also attractive as exhibition sets in your retail shop window, helping to drive traffic inside.


2. Shoe display racks

Shoe display racks are the most adaptable option, especially if you need to accommodate different-sized SKUs. They can be used by a retailer as promotional items, or by a brand as a branded display of a new collection.

In this example by KSF for Regatta, the design featured adjustable rack heights for different-sized products. The promotional header and side panels can easily be replaced for new campaigns. 

Three shoe display racks


3. Footwear display units

Angled view of a black freestanding footwear unit

A footwear display unit brings several benefits to your retail shop. This example of a freestanding unit with lockable wheels means you can move it around a store according to your needs.

Removable shelves also provide flexible product placement options, allowing you to reuse them for different campaigns and brands.


4. Eco-friendly shoe display unit

If you want to promote a specific shoe campaign in-store, consider choosing an eco-friendly version. These gain more exposure for the campaign and increase interaction between customer and product.

In this example, KSF manufactured a POP free-standing shoe display unit from wood, for an eco-friendly solution. Learn more about how we created this eco-friendly and versatile design here.

Freestanding Shoe Display on Wheels Full view eco friendly


5. Footwear stool

A single footwear stool for a shoe store or a shoe brand

The sit-and-fit tradition of shoe retail is timeless. Footwear stools are an essential trapping of any shoe display because they invite customers to try the product on, bringing them one step closer to a purchase. 

Your footwear stools should be in keeping with your retail shop’s brand and atmosphere. For example, when working with Regatta, KSF Global created footwear stools that matched their brand colours and featured their logo. 


Creative POS Ideas CTA with PDF



6. Shoe mirror displays

Another accessory that can be used in a shoe shop is a shoe mirror display. These give customers greater visibility of the product, allowing them to admire it from every angle. 

Outdoor retail show display



7. Shoe tables

Saks Fifth Avenue Greenwich Shoe Store
Source: https://footwearnews.com/2016/business/retail/saks-fifth-avenue-first-standalone-shoes-store-10022-shoe-greenwich-269801/

Shoe display tables are an efficient way to showcase your selection in-store. These can be placed anywhere in your shoe shop and customers will be able to get a clearer, 360 view of your products. 

Shoe tables can also bring a level of professionalism and sophistication to your shoe shop. Available in a variety of materials and formats, they can complement any space. 



8. Mannequin shoe displays

Mannequins are a fantastic way to show off your shoe selection. It gives the customer a preview of how the shoe is supposed to be worn, and gives you the opportunity to style the shoe in an attractive way. 

five mannequins wearing shoes to shoe a full outfit in a shop
Source: https://www.equipashop.com/blog/the-best-addition-you-can-make-the-benefits-of-mannequins/


9. Gondola end display

Shoe Gondola End

There are many ways that you can use gondola end displays. They make the perfect shoe display since they can be used to feature a particular brand in a prominent position at the end of an aisle, perfect for an upsell or a new brand campaign.

Gondola displays come in a variety of styles and materials, and are perfect for displaying a wide range of shoes in a variety of ways. 


10. Shoe wall display

Speaking of featured displays, wall display systems are a creative shoe display option when you want to showcase a large selection while maximising space. This type of shoe display lets customers see your full range at a single glance.

You can go one step further and optimise your wall gondolas by placing low-priority sale items at the top and focusing products at eye level. This diverts the customers’ attention to where you want it most.

20 Creative Shoe Display Ideas for Retail [with Pictures]



11. Shoe display towers

20 Creative Shoe Display Ideas for Retail [with Pictures]
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/3870349665857691/

Shoe display towers are an efficient and visually appealing way to present your selection. These tall, upright structures can be used as a focal point of your shop, and come in a range of materials, from wood to metal to steel.

Towers add a touch of elegance to a space, making them the perfect fit for retail stores when you want to create a chic, attractive atmosphere.


12. Shoe risers

When looking to display shoes individually or as pairs, shoe risers are a good option. Coming in a variety of shapes and materials, they elevate your products so that they’re more visible and accessible.

20 Creative Shoe Display Ideas for Retail [with Pictures]
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/651192427386320722/


13. Shoe pedestals

shoe pedestalls
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/11540542789360846/

A creative and elegant shoe display idea for your retail store is shoe pedestals. As you can see in this example, they add a touch of grandeur to your products and can be used in combination with a spotlight to really draw attention to them. 

Similar to shoe risers, pedestals allow you to draw more attention to focus products by elevating them above other displays.


14. Slatstrip shoe display stands

Another type of wall display system for shoes is slatstrip shoe display stands. This is an efficient display system for two reasons. 

First, the slats make it easy for shoes to be placed at varying heights. Second, it’s a multifunctional wall fixture that can be used to display a variety of products beyond shoes.

20 Creative Shoe Display Ideas for Retail [with Pictures]
Source: https://zenmerchandiser.com/visual/types-of-footwear-displays-stands-organizers/



15. Hanging shoe display

20 Creative Shoe Display Ideas for Retail [with Pictures]
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/308637380726685797/

If you want to get really creative, consider a hanging shoe display. This is a unique and dynamic way to present your selection, especially in your shop window where hooking peoples’ attention is crucial.

When arranging this type of shoe display, pay particular attention to your use of colour and movement and how these divert the eyes. 


16. Display cases

Display cases are a sleek way to show off shoe collections, especially when you want to protect them from sunlight or dust. 

In this example, clear LED-lit shoeboxes have been stacked to create this eye-catching display case. Presenting shoes in this way creates an air of exclusivity as they’re perceived almost ornamentally.

20 Creative Shoe Display Ideas for Retail [with Pictures]
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/1046594400882636931/



17. Floating shelves

Floating trainer shelving example
Source: https://www.retailgazette.co.uk/blog/2022/08/kick-game/
Often used in sneaker stores, floating wall shelves allow you to avoid visual clutter by making use of discreet wall supports. This is a chic, minimalist display option that makes the customers’ eyes go straight to the shoe.



18. Shoe shapers

Whether you’re using a shoe riser, a display case, or a wall gondola, using shoe shapers is an important part of creating the perfect shoe display. While not all shoes will require this, ones that are made of softer material will need some extra support in order to look their best.

Using shoe shapers shows customers how the shoes are meant to look. If a suede knee-high boot is half-flopped over, it’s not going to be as attractive to the consumer! 

smart shoes with shoe shapers
Source: https://www.businessinsider.com/do-i-need-shoe-trees-2014-3?r=US&IR=T


19. Custom display cases

window shoe display
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/1055599903504678/

In the competitive retail market, increasing sales largely depends on your ability to stand out from the crowd and offer your customers a unique shopping experience. Investing in custom woodwork for your shoe displays is one way to achieve this. 

Presenting your products in a never-before-seen display that reflects your brand’s style is going to do two things: make you more memorable and compel the customer to not only stay, but come back.



20. Illuminated shoe displays

Any shoe display idea can be enhanced with lighting. Illuminating your shoe displays attracts the eye, highlights desirable product features, and adds a high-end touch. 

20 Creative Shoe Display Ideas for Retail [with Pictures]
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/279082508150635576/

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