18 Unique Display Stand Examples for Your Retail Stores

In-store display stands are versatile, flexible and typically free-standing points of sale. They draw attention and can be used to direct your customers on their journey through your store. 

For example, you can use display stands to highlight promotions, link to online campaigns and messaging and influence purchase decisions.

Retail display stands offer many benefits:

  • They are easily adaptable and changeable
  • Reconfigure floor space to suit the season, promotion or campaign
  • Flexible enough to be tailored in size, number, placement, and branding
  • Can be updated according to retail trends and seasons

Retail display stands explained

Before we see some examples of display stands, let’s look at the different types of display stands and why they’re used.

Retail display stands are used to present products, offers or promotions to customers. They communicate your brand, draw attention and are often the first physical point of contact between your customers and your products.

They can work doubly hard for you by communicating consistent messages, tying in with campaigns and enhancing your brand – and they work best when they’re completely tailored for your store.

The different types of display stands include:

Display stand ideas that boost sales

There are many options when it comes to choosing retail display stands for your stores, so we’ve rounded up some ideas and examples that help create attention-grabbing displays and push customers to the point of purchase.

1. Custom-built free-standing displays

Custom built display stand for clothing

Customised free-standing displays, also known as FSDUs, not only help direct customers through your store on their buying journey, but they also add a mark of differentiation.

This Superdry clothing retail display example is a custom-built, wooden stand that ties in with the brand’s look and feel. Free-standing display stands can also be moved easily, allowing you to change up your floor space and focus on certain products and promotions.


2. Eye-catching FSDUs designed to draw attention

This Kitchencraft FSDU purposefully displays kitchenware products. You can see each item clearly, and the depth of space between each shelf is intentional. It allows multiple products per shelf and plenty of room for customers to pick up items.

Kitchenware free standing display


3. Display stands with multiple merchandising options

freestanding diplay stand for accessories in black

The smaller, free-standing countertop display on the right in this image is designed to show off a product’s key features. Situated at checkout, countertop displays offer compelling last-minute purchase ideas, and products can be easily switched in and out.


CTA for 100+ retail store fixtures examples


4. Metal racking display stands

Metal freestanding display stands are easily manoeuvrable and offer many practical benefits:

  • Product panels are easy to change
  • Simple to assemble
  • Typically lightweight
  • Adjustable shelving options

Metal freestanding display


CTA for 100+ retail store fixtures examples


5. Metal freestanding display stand

Games workshop metal freestanding display

Display stands are a good option for showcasing magazines or accessories. This freestanding accessory display stand, designed and installed by KSF Global for Games Workshop, has substitutable graphics and removable shelves that can be replaced with hooks for hanging accessories.

6. Point of purchase displays

Point of purchase displays is a type of retail display stand and an effective way to grab customers’ attention. 

In this example for Honeywell, the stand is showcasing one type of product for a new promotion. This type of display can be reconfigured to your store’s needs.

Home electronics red freestanding display unit

7. Wire retail display stands

wire retail fixture

Freestanding wire retail fixtures are lightweight, easy to move and flexible. That means you can switch up how you use the floor space in your stores and test where they are best positioned.


8. Optical retail display stands

Another common type of display stand is the optical retail display stand, designed for glasses or sunglasses. A good optical display both showcases your brand and encourages customers to browse through the available options.

Optical Glass Shelving

9. Mid-aisle units

Mid aisle unit retail display stand examples
Source: https://www.display.be/POP-types-retail-displays.html
A mid-aisle display stand is a show-stopper in larger retail stores. Complete with an eye-catching design, a wide selection of products and the brand’s look and feel, who could walk past this display without stopping?


10. Display cases

Display cases can either be installed or free-standing, but both versions have the aim of showcasing products to their best. 

Especially useful for fragile or expensive items, with free-standing display cases, products can typically be viewed from every angle. And if they’re on wheels, as in this example, display cases offer true versatility.

a retail display case showcasing unique products
Source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/558164947537466248/


11. Gondola shelving display units

Tool display stand with a tool wall display in the background

Gondola shelving displays are typically free-standing stands with a flat base and shelves, hooks or other ways to display products. They’re easy to reconfigure and adapt and offer flexible options to showcase a range of products.


12. Using digital screens aisles 

Digital displays link the online world with the in-store experience. Using them in a display stand provides a point of differentiation, allowing you to advertise products in real-time and change the display whenever you like.

Digital displays can also be used to highlight customer reviews of core products, engage your customers and provide information that helps free up your shop-floor employees.

A digital display stand on a retail aisle unit

13. Digital POP displays

A digital screen on a POP retail display stand

As well as having digital display stands throughout your store, you can also have digital POP displays at checkout counters. Stats show they make a difference to customer spending:

  • 51% of customers say ads shown at checkout would make them more likely to buy
  • 56% would be more likely to engage with a brand after seeing an ad at checkout
  • 62% would be more likely to look for the product during their next store visit


14. Countertop retail display stands

Countertop display stands aren’t limited to checkout. As in this example by Samsung at Selfridges, countertops stands can be used to great effect throughout a retail store.

The clean lines, white space and placement at hand height combine to invite customers to interact with products.

18 Unique Display Stand Examples for Your Retail Stores
Source: Andy Tye via https://news.samsung.com/uk/discover-samsungs-new-space-at-selfridges


15. Store window display stands

Fendi window display
Source: https://www.shopify.co.uk/retail/window-displays

Shop window displays generate fierce competition. And rightly so, as stores vie for consumers’ attention and differentiation. 

A great store window display is eye-catching, draws customers in-store and showcases core items or promotions. They’re a visual point of contact, tying into marketing campaigns and exhibiting the strengths of your brand.

This display from Fendi incorporates retail shelving with mannequins to effectively showcase a range of products.


16. Immersive retail display stands

The Coca-Cola pop-up store is a treat for the senses. This retail display stand celebrates the brand’s history. You’re immersed as soon as you walk through the door. 

There’s merchandise galore, vintage throwbacks and a bar with Coke-themed drinks. The fitting room doors look like old-school Coke coolers and you’re bombarded with Coke slogans. It’s a lesson in immersive retail, and display stands play a big part in this, attracting dedicated fans and curious consumers alike.

Interior of Coke's London Pop Up Shop with Walls Covered in brand imagery
Source: https://40visuals.com/coca-cola-immersive-brand-experience-in-london/

17. Switchable end bays

Fashion Gondola End Examaple

End bays maximise the use of floor space and allow you to highlight your newest products, a current promotion or seasonal goods. Switchable end bays can be easily switched out, with new graphics and different types of appendages, such as shelves, hooks or pegs.


18. Pegboard retail display shelves

Pegboards are a great way of maximising your display space and keeping everything looking organised and within the correct capacity.

Retail display stands, like this Crayola example, provide a visual break and means customers can find what they need more easily. It’s also easy to cross-merchandise this type of display stand.

Crayola Gondola Inline Pegboard Display
Source: https://www.fixturescloseup.com/2021/04/28/crayola-gondola-inline-pegboard-display/


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