Point of Sale Advertising Ideas – Our Top 9

Point of sale advertising ideas

Point of sale advertising is a term thrown around a lot in the marketing and retail world. Primarily because almost 70-74% of the purchasing decisions aren’t planned and happen at the point of sale.

Yet, few people actually understand what point of sale advertising is or how they can leverage it to drive sales and increase store conversions.

Keep reading to learn more about point of sale marketing and get creative point of sale advertising ideas.


What is Point of Sale Advertising?

Briefly defined, point of sale advertising uses point of sale (POS) displays to promote sales and marketing campaigns, up-sell items and increase spend-per-visit during checkout.

The ROI Behind an Effective Point of Sale marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies provide your business with an edge on the competition and boost sales. In this regard, a point of sale marketing strategy is no different.

Having a clear and coherent point of sale (POS) marketing strategy allows you to plan the most effective way to display the right products and promotions at your checkouts.

It also gives you a clearer idea of popular products and customer preferences during checkout so you can create a more targeted and personalised shopping experience.

Point of Sale Advertising Advantages

Point of sale advertising help you to:

  1. Grab customers’ attention

    Whether you use plastic or cardboard point of sale displays, using the right display allows you to capture customer’s attention. Incorporating a point of sale display into your marketing campaign gives you a much better chance of encouraging conversions.

  2. Promote your product with limited space

    Point of sale displays allow you to communicate the value of your product as well as any special offers in a small space. It’s also a great opportunity to clearly communicate your brand’s message.

  3. Target impulsive buyers

    Did you know 84% of shoppers have admitted to making impulse purchases at some point?

    Point of sale displays near the checkout create time pressure, which encourages impulse buying as customers don’t have time to change their mind.

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Point of Sale Advertising Ideas

Point of sale advertising ideasLooking for inspiration? Here are our top 9 point of sale advertising ideas to kickstart your point of sale marketing strategy.


  1. Special promotions or offers

    Displaying reduced items or products with promotional offers attached are a great way to prompt an unconscious need or desire in your customers. For example, try a 2-4-1 or 50% off discount on point of sale items to increase sales.

  2. Cross-sell items

    Increase conversions and customer satisfaction by displaying complementary items near your checkout. For example, creating a campaign with pancake mix, syrup and lemon juice for Shrove Tuesday.

  3. Loyalty cards or programmes

    Customers typically participate in loyalty schemes or programmes to receive discounts and offers, earn free products, and get access to exclusive or member-only rewards. Cafe’ Nero often promotes their loyalty cards near the checkout, which allows loyal customers to buy 9 and then get one coffee for free.

  4. Instant coupons

    Who doesn’t love saving money? Giving customers Instant coupons at your checkout allows them to save on specific products, encourage customers to return to your store, and builds brand loyalty.

  5. Gift cards

    Gift cards are a fantastic way to boost brand awareness and help customers share their favourite brand with friends & family. You’ll often find gift cards from many big brands near the checkout for those last-minute gift givers.

  6. In-store ads

    Effective point of sale marketing delivers clear and concise messaging to reach potential customers. Posters and signs at your POS call attention to specific products or promotions which can lead to increased sales.

  7. Promote other marketing programmes

    Checkouts can be a great space to promote other marketing campaigns and encourage customers to engage online. For example, you could encourage customers to sign up to a newsletter or attend an event as part of your wider point of sale marketing strategy.

  8. Upsell complementary items

    Use your POS display to remind customers of products they may have forgotten. For example, when a customer purchases an item such as a pair of shoes you might consider up-selling waterproof spray or shoe deodoriser at the checkout counter.

  9. A compelling call to action

    An effective call to action continues your relationship with your customer by prompting them to act in a certain way. You could use call to action like stay in touch by following your business on social media.

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Point of sale advertising ideas