Retail Display Design: How to Achieve Your Brand Vision

Retail Display Inspiration for Brands

How much time do you spend thinking about your retail display design? Do you ever feel like you’re missing the last piece of the puzzle?

If you’ve spent years developing the perfect product and creating a winning brand, it can be difficult to hand over control to retailers to communicate with customers. Whether you make private label breakfast cereal or high-end handbags, it’s important to work with retailers who will present your products in the best possible light.

Join us as we discuss how you can achieve your brand vision with eye-catching retail display design ideas and successful brand-retailer collaborations:


Finding the Right Retailer for Your Brand

The first step towards achieving your brand vision with retail display design is to collaborate with retailers who fit your brand image.

If you make food products, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should work with every grocery store under the sun. You need to think about how you want consumers to perceive your brand and find retailers who will go out of their way to support this image.

The secret to success for any marketing manager is filtering through the noise to find retailers who are willing to accommodate for individual brands.

Good retailers will appreciate the time and effort that goes into brand development through retail display design. Taking the time to understand a brand can help retailers boost sales, improve customer experiences, and reduce internal marketing costs.

Try to open two-way communication lines with retailers and pursue those who show an interest in what you stand for and who you are.

If all a retailer talks about is bottom lines and price points, they’re unlikely to give you the time of day you deserve.



Why Retail Store Layout Design and Display Matters

Once you’ve found retailers who understand your product, it’s time to think about how you want customers to interact with your product.

Your retail display design and retail store layout will affect the way people move around a store, engage with products, and browse competitor products. So, it’s important to find the right location for your product within a store and work with retailers to maximise sales and encourage repeat orders.

For example, if you display your products at the end of an aisle in a grocery store, sales are estimated to rocket by 274%.

Marketing managers should consult with retailers to understand how existing products perform in different areas of the store and negotiate the best possible location to support their brand vision through retail display design.

How to Communicate & Share Your Brand Vision

Once you’ve established a brand vision, it’s important to make sure it’s communicated across the business and to anyone working on your brand, including the design agency. Here are three simple ways to make sure that happens.

  1. A Good Brief. Bringing your design vision to life starts with a good brief. Getting a brief in place helps you communicate with external partners and ensures everyone is on the same page.
  2. Communication is Key. Establish open lines of communication as early as possible and encourage external partners to ask questions.
  3. Install a Feedback Loop. Provide feedback to your external design agency and ask for theirs in return. After all, collaboration often achieves the best results.



Point of Sale (POS) Retail Display Designs

If you sell relatively low-value convenience goods, like chewing gum or kids trading cards, creating a point of sale (POS) display could increase sales by 445%.

The best POS display designs will catch the eye of a specific audience and encourage a rapid purchase. Eye-catching counter displays can help you stand out from the crowd and encourage shoppers to make an impulse purchase.

Whether it’s a mini-fridge containing ice-cold sodas or a comic book stand with promotional figurines, retailers know how to get our attention.

How many times have you seen kids trying to persuade their parents to buy their favourite candy at the checkout? That’s some clever POS design right there.

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Increase Traffic with Window Retail Display Designs

The ultimate gig for any marketing manager is getting their products into a window display. If you want people to buy your products, the first challenge is to get them through the door.

Creating striking window retail displays to feature your products is a great way to build brand awareness. Whether it’s featuring an item of clothing on a mannequin or creating an entire display around your product, a well-designed window displays can increase sales by 540%.

Window displays are the perfect opportunity to get creative and run wild with imaginative ideas which capture your brand identity. The best displays will feature your product in context to how it will be used at home. So, get creative by designing engaging scenes which pique the interest of a passerby.



Retail Display Design Ideas: Display Stands

So, you’re interested in creating an eye-catching display stand to promote your product?

The next step is to find a retail solutions provider who can brainstorm ideas and move your design away from the drawing board and into the shops.

If you’re struggling to come up with retail display design ideas, you could:

  • Visit a flagship store to see innovative retail display designs.
  • Ask a retail display designer for their thoughts/ideas.
  • Research your competitors and find ways to do it better.
  • Read case studies for inspiration on retail display designs.
  • Ask your target audience about what motivates them to buy.
  • Conduct A/B testing to determine which concept provides the best results.



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