Retail Display Stands: Plastic or Cardboard Display Stands?

retail display stands

Picking the right materials for your retail display stands can be challenging, especially if you’re on a budget.

One key consideration is whether to go with plastic or cardboard display stands.

Each provides unique benefits and there are some key things to think about before you purchase retail display stands.

What are Plastic Retail Display Stands?

Plastic or acrylic display stands are quite common in retail stores as they provide a useful and stylish way to showcase items. Plastic display cases allow you to protect high-value items while still making sure customers can view the products.

Some of the benefits of plastic retail display stands include:

  • Stylish and simple appearance.
  • Very versatile so can be used to display almost any product.
  • Come in a wide range of display options such as wall mounts, 360-degree display cases and much more.
  • Water-resistant so are perfect for displaying items outside.
  • Easy to clean


What Are Cardboard Retail Display Stands?

Cardboard retail display stands are an excellent option for limited budgets, short-term projects or eco-conscious retailers.

As one of the cheapest options on the market, cardboard displays are great if you’re looking to save a penny or two. Cardboard displays are also lightweight, which makes it easy to move around the store and replace or renew stock as needed.

If you’re thinking about using Free Standing Display Units (FSDU) to showcase your products, then cardboard display stands are a great option as they are highly adaptable. So you can customise your retail display stands to match your brand identity and send the right message.


Which Retail Display Stands Should You Choose?retail display stands

Plastic and cardboard retail displays stands are both great options for retail stores and your choice will likely depend on your requirements.

How Often Do You Need to Refresh Your Retail Display Stands?

Both plastic and cardboard retail display stands are available as bespoke or ready-made options.

However, cardboard display stands are arguably more versatile as their lightweight property means you can move and adjust as needed. Their low price point also makes it easier and less painful to recycle or swap out cardboard display stands.

So, if you’re looking to refresh your retail display stands or retail layout quite often, you’re probably better going with a cardboard display stand.

Will Retail Display Stands Be Exposed to the Elements?

Will you showcase your products inside or outside? If you’re likely to use your retail display stands outside, you might want to choose a plastic display stand. Plastic display stands are water-proof so can be exposed to the elements without being damaged.

Do Your Retail Display Stands Need to Capture Your Brand Identity & Stick to a Budget?

Creating a marketing campaign that reflects your brand identity with a plastic display stand can be costly and time-consuming. Costs quickly add up if you need to market several different products or re-design your retail space with plastic display stands.

Cardboard display stands offer a more cost-effective way to capture  customers’ attention, while also conveying your brand identity.

Do You Need Retail Display Stands that Keeps Certain Products Out-of-Reach?

Depending on the type of product you sell, you might need retail display stands that keeps certain items out-of-reach from customers. For example, if you sell high-end items like jewellery or products that have certain regulations around how they’re displayed like darts.

If so, a plastic display case might be the best option. A plastic display case allows customers to get a 360-degree view of your products without physically touching them.

Where Will You Instal Your Retail Display Stands?

Determining where you’ll actually place your retail display stands is an important part of the buying process. If you’re planning on purchasing a countertop display, a point of sale cardboard display stand offers the ideal solution.

Point of sale cardboard retail display stands are super lightweight, so you don’t need to worry about damaging the countertop or checkout area.


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